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Sync Tracking details for PayPal & Stripe in real time. Get Seller Protection & reduce risk of fraudulent orders and disputes.

PaySync - Sync PayPal & Stripe Tracking details for Shopify

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Avoid PayPal holds

PayPal holds are frustrating and costly, get your funds released within 24 hours after order is delivered, improve cash flow of your business and keep running your operations smoothly.

Seller Protection

Protect Your Business Reputation and boost your merchant record. Reduce the risk of Chargebacks, Disputes, Frauds, and build trust with PayPal.

Increase Credibility

Boost the credibility of your business by creating a personalised tracking page that showcases your brand identity, strengthens customer trust, and enhances your brand recognition.

Companies Trust PaySync

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An app that sets your eCommerce store apart from the competition, and improves shopper satisfaction.

Automated Sync

Process past 6 months orders in just 1 click, a completely automated process eliminating human error. Paysync is suitable even during the Sale season when the number of orders multiplies

Powerful Dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard helps merchants to monitor the status of their PayPal tracking sync and view key metrics and data points that help optimise business operations.

Branded Tracking Page

Merchants can customise the look and feel of their tracking page with their logo and brand colours which helps create a professional and cohesive customer experience, improving brand recognition.


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Features included
  • 10 Orders to Sync per month

  • Unlimited PayPal Accounts

  • Real Time Sync

  • Support All Gateways

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Features included
  • Unlimited Orders to Sync per month

  • Unlimited PayPal Accounts

  • Real Time Sync

  • Support All Gateways

Ensure smooth and hassle-free Unlimited order sync

$19 /mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you need to help you understand more about the app

Do you automatically sync tracking numbers for all my orders?

Yes, PaySync automatically syncs tracking numbers to PayPal for all your shipped orders, saving you time and effort on manual syncing.

Can I use multiple PayPal accounts?

Yes, the app allows you to connect and sync tracking numbers for multiple PayPal accounts from one centralised dashboard, making it easy to manage your orders and reduce the risk of disputes.

How long does it take to sync tracking information to PayPal?

PaySync syncs tracking information in real-time, so your tracking information will be synced to your PayPal account as soon as it becomes available, reducing the risk of disputes and speeding up the release of your funds.

How secure is PaySync?

PaySync uses PayPal's secure API to sync tracking information in real-time, ensuring the safety and security of your data. We also only ask for minimal permissions to access your PayPal account, providing an added layer of protection.

How does PaySync help with fraud prevention?

By automatically syncing tracking numbers to PayPal, PaySync can help prevent fraudulent orders by providing proof of delivery. This helps reduce the risk of chargebacks and disputes, giving merchants peace of mind and avoiding the potential loss of revenue.

What happens if I encounter any issues with PaySync?

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. You can reach out to us via email or through our in-app chat feature, and we'll work to resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Experience effortless syncing of orders to your PayPal, get your funds released, reduce the risk of chargebacks, disputes and frauds. Boost Seller protection and credibility of your business.

PaySync is designed to sync tracking numbers to your PayPal & Stripe accounts in real time. Our aim is to accelerate fund release, bypass holds/disputes, and build PayPal trust. Enjoy the simplicity of one-click syncing, enhancing your merchant reputation effortlessly.