Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) - How it works?

To keep it simple, "Dynamic Product ads shows right products to right people, based on actions taken by users in your app or elsewhere on the Internet". Each user will be shown the ads templates, they are most probable to be interested in.

Fb utilizes advanced AI techniques to predict which products to load in the advertisement basis on the user online activity. For example, if a user has recently visited iphone product page at some online store and didn't make a purchase. If you have setup-ed DPA and your sell iphone too, then automatically I-phone ads will be shown from your catalogues to user.

Why they are must for any e-commerce business?

DPA are personalized specifically for each user. If a user has shown interest on some product, a tailored-made ad will encourage them to make a purchase as they will get reminded of it in their fb news feed.


Highest ROI

Dynamic products ads have the best performing ROI among various campaign strategies as only those products ads shown to people to which they have already interacted with in the past, or are more probably be interested in basis of their interests. e.g If a user has visited a Red Shoes on our store, and then left without purchasing it, then Red Shoes ads will be shown to user when they next login to their fb account.

Relevant Ads

As the user have already interacted with the products, they are highly relevant. This ensures higher CTR and more conversions.

Accurate Data

Addyz Automatically updates the product catalogue on the facebook, as they are updated on your shopify store. This ensures you are not selling out of stocks and are dispalying up-to-date information in your DPA.
Using our app, you will not need to update catalogue time-to-time, addyz internally takes cares of updating products feeds in real time.

Saves time

You do need to create different campaigns or creatives for each product. Ad creatives contain data from products, so different text, images & messages will be shown basis on the products being advertised.

How to run DPA?

Running DPA via Addyz its just a click away. When you install the app we will automatically will create a product catalogue and start tracking your pixel events. You can just click on "Create Campaign" under the required strategy, and we will automatically create campaign, adset and ad in your account. Once fb approves your campaign it will start running and generating sales.