It was born in the heart of Canada’s capital city and has emerged to become one of North America’s premier boutiques. The evolution from a simple sneaker shop to a sophisticated tout is an amazing,roller coaster journey. Eventually,discerning the need of the hour the company jumped into ecommerce.
Of Course ecommerce isn’t a cakewalk for all.There are many barriers that need to be crossed for an easy and a smooth path over the internet.

  • Lack of proper targeting
  • High Product Bounce rate
  • Low ROAS
  • Lack of ad Insights
  • High Cart abandonment rate

Addyz came into picture to set them free from all these barriers.As a company we can think what to produce but how to sale is a total different department and that too online UFF…..Addyz did it for us by providing unique solutions to our problems.Create problems and then find a solution to it is what the approach is.WE CAN TARGET EVERYONE BUT IS EVERYONE WORTH A TARGET??A question created and resolved and this is just a mere example there are many more that are answered at.Lets us see them one by one-



Filtering the target audience has been a challenging task for every ecommerce and this firm was not at all different.In the world of ecommerce they also faced a lot of ifs and buts. A huge audience but didn’t know whom to target because-
a) Don’t Know where your audience is located
b) What language they know/use
c) What they like on Facebook and a lot more...
People visiting the website and leaving not recognising the worth of the brand was certainly disheartening.
Knowing if your Facebook ad campaigns are meaningful to people on the platform or not, again a big “Question Mark”.
These questions were all taken care of by none other than ADDYZ.

Addyz helped the firm break down the audience.Identifying subgroups within the target audience in order to deliver more tailored messaging for stronger connections is a necessary marketing strategy. These subgroups can be based on demographics
(geographic location, gender identity, age, ethnicity, income, or level of formal education) and behaviour such as purchases made in the past. Psychographics come into play when you have access to insights about your audience’s personality types, values, attitudes, and beliefs.

Geographic Location-Why to target areas/locations that we cannot reach practically?Will a person from India be willing to buy a product sold in Canada?Or even if he/she is willing will he/she be able to afford the shipping charges or is it even feasible so why waste the campaigning(money and time).Hence,it is important to know who we are targeting.Addyz audience analyser helped fetching only people around and within reach.

Gender Identity-You need to target the audience according to the gender.The mindset doesn’t allow boys to be seen wearing pink hehe weird.Some articles are not gender based but some are.Suppose,for a boy you can’t recommend wax strips or for a girl you can’t recommend shaving cream.This is article based but in the case of this firm which deals in shoes we need to know the gender because of the shape,size and colour.Girls wear red,blue,pink and more funky colours generally and don’t have big shoe sizes whereas boys have big shoe sizes and wear soothing normal colours like white.Addyz analyser segregated the audience that way and helped starting short campaigns on them.

Age- It is a great factor affecting the audience.Do you find old people wearing funky shoes or colours?Nah.They always prefer comfortable souls and soothing colours reflecting their age.Youngsters on the other hand can wear anything and that will suit them.They can handle even the hardest souls and the worst of colours.
Addyz campaigns to them in the best possible way getting marvellous results.


Past Purchases-It is important to know the customer’s persona and the frequency.By this,I mean how much purchases is the customer making and What kind of items is that customer purchasing.With this information you only target with ads that the customer has purchased or is likely to purchase and with the frequency of the customer purchasing those items.In case of shoes Addyz found out the type and brand of the shoes the customer was attracted to and then targeted accordingly.

ADDYZ started short campaigns over these segregations and gave personal discounts(15%-20%).With the help of analyser these breakdowns were easily targeted and fetched results.The ROAS reached heights slowly.


How to get faith of the audiences

Online and faith, a tough contrast.Offline lets you feel and judge and that is a big drawback online So,Can you guess what works???
a) Word of Mouth-Either you say or your purchasers.People go by the reviews of the products either by their peers or close ones or online.This is a chance but not everyone is same.You may like something that your friend hates so you shouldn’t go by it or rarely do that.
b) Sell the best selling-Sell what is already trusted by you yourself or is sold so much that your customers have no complaints.By this,you get a lot of confidence of no returns and reduced chances of not buying it from you again.The chances of the campaign success rise high.

Addyz audience analyser worked on it for this company and raised the ROAS to 11 times.

It ran a Bestseller campaign by extracting out the company’s best selling shoes and hence the results(mentioned above) were tremendous.


Cart Abandonment

Not to our surprise rose the issue of cart abandonment.A small issue rising big was what we faced.It could be because of payment failure,lack of awareness,waiting for discounts and many more.

Payment Failure-It is an issue faced by everyone in day to day lives.Strongly connected but still not connected.Hence,they should be retargeted by special ads reminding them of regret of not able to pay.Addyz helped the company target this audience with ads including further items related to the ones in cart and others already existing.

Lack of Awareness-You sometimes tend to forget something you were on having many tasks on your plate.Suppose,you put something in your cart and then certainly receive a call.After disconnecting the call you forget to complete the purchase.Now,to this audience Addyz would send reminders of completing the purchase with certain discounted items maybe.

Waiting for more discounts-We generally leave the items if we feel they are being too costly to purchase.Hence,it can be worked upon so Addyz targets this audience with personal discounts based on the behaviour of the customer(frequent purchaser,huge number of items in cart etc).


With this cart abandonment campaign Addyz was able to raise the ROAS TO 7 Times.


To advertise is to let you feel the experience.The ads you show should provide all the details and should be clear enough that the purchaser doesn’t feel fooled.For this company,Addyz designed ads with proper shoe dimensions and colours that the customer could feel the same when it reaches him/her.Generally,we hear see customers saying not as shown in the picture hence,it shows discontentment somewhere and there you lose not one but many customers as it is all online and you can’t hide.
Bringing to you,there should not be any hidden charges(agony rises in customers).Prices should be super clear.



Questions like how will the things go for a business give nightmares but with the correct time and ad positioning it is all resolved..Addyz with the brains and strategies gave the best performance experience by reducing CPM(COST PER MILLION) and increasing CTR(CLICK-THROUGH RATE) on all social media like Facebook and Instagram by placing the ads correctly in their feeds.Other positions that were decreasing the performance were recognised by Addyz and hence removed( facebook stories,instagram stories,facebook video feeds etc).It needs to be handled very very carefully.Thank god we have the app dealing it all.The Facebook and Instagram handles are very crucial where you need to advertise keeping the budget in mind. How much time and money to be invested is again an another whole chapter to study.
ALSO,things are different for different businesses.


Even the best needs the GUIDANCE (best of all)………………
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